Motorbike insurance optional extras

Motorbike insurance optional extras

Breakdown cover

Sometimes it's better to buy a breakdown cover to your motorcycle insurance separately. You should also check if you don't already have a breakdown cover included in your services from your bank or credit card.

Breakdown cover - what's included?

What is included in the breakdown included vary. Many times there is a breakdown protection when you drive in another country. Many times if your motorcycle break down and not can be repaired instantly. Then you will be provided with a replacement motorcycle or overnight accommodation. There are many times recovery/relay protection provided so you and your passenger can be transferred home.

Personal accident cover and pillion cover

If you are injured or i worse case killed in an motorcycle accident. The motorcycle insurance company will pay out if your injuries for example are a result of the accident. The accident and the injuries sets the level of the cover. You should be beware of that the pillion cover many times not is included in the insurance policies not even in the comprehensive cover. If you plan to bring a friend or your better half. Make sure you have the appropriate pillion cover.

No claims discount

You can include a protection to your no claims discount. Many times you have built up the discount for many years and of cause you want to protect your discount. Even if your discount is protected, it will still be a part of your claims history. Your motorcycle insurance premium can increase in price in the future because the insurance company consider you as a higher risk. There are also not many insurance companies that allow you to transfer your motorcycle no claims discount to the your car insurance.

Some last words before you buy add ons to your motorcycle insurace premium

Always check if you can get att better deal for your cover by buying the add ons separately. You should always check if you don't have an equivalent cover for your motorcycle for another service like you bank or your credit card. Don't pay for anything you don't need and do not take anything for granted in the motorcycle insurance policy. Read the terms carefully. Always think over if you really need the extra add ons?

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