Modified motorcycle insurance

Modified motorcycle insurance

Before you make modifications on your motorcycle

If you motorcycle already is modified. Don't ask for quotes online. You will still not get the right price. Instead contact a insurance company that is specialized in modified motorcycles. So you get it right from the start. If you already have a motorcycle insurance policy, then you need to inform your insurance company that you have made modifications. They will then upgrade your insurance policy. The risk is otherwise that they can invalid you motorcycle insurance policy in case of an accident if they find out that you have modified the motorcycle without inform the insurance company.

Why is it more expensive to insure a modified motorcycle?

Some motorcycle insurance companies welcome modified motorcycles. Other will not even offer any cover. So the best you can do is to check with your insurance company before you make any modifications. If the insurance company answer with a high quote. Then you  should take it as an silent answer to that they don't want you as a customer. Every motorcycle insurance company has its own policy and method to calculate on the risk. The main reason why your motorcycle insurance quote get more expensive are because the motorcycles value increase and the performance also many times gets enhanced. In combination of course with that your motorcycle also get more desirable for theft.

Important to get the right value of your modified motorcycle

If you got a custom built or heavy modified motorcycle. Then we suggest that you talk to specialist on the insurance company. He or she can together with you establish an "agreed value" policy. The documentation should include specification on every made modification and calculated value that both you and the motorcycle insurance company agree upon.

Always inform DVLA

It is never a bad idea to ask a motorcycle mechanic for advice and help. Some modifications will affect the motorcycle MOT validity. For example if you change the frame or swing arm or change the engine or change color. Then you should inform the DVLA. Professional help can help you avoid safety problems both for yourself and for other road users. You can also avoid pay a lot of money for a modified motorcycle that's not approved to be used.

Safety modifications on your motorcycle is the only modification that can lower your premium

If you make any modifications to your motorcycle that includes engine and chassis etching or installing immobiliser or some sort of tracker advice. Then it is possible that your motorcycle insurance company can lower your insurance premium.

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