Making a claim for your motorcycle

Making a claim for your motorcycle

After a motorcycle accident or motorcycle damage, you should contact your motorcycle insurance company. Almost every motorcycle insurance company is open 24/7. If you call the insurance company immediately, they can help you with transport and removal of your motorcycle. Sometimes you will get a courtesy car if it is included in your motorcycle insurance cover. If there have been a motorcycle accident. There is a good point of get the motorcycle removed as soon as possible, just to avoid any attempt of theft. The insurance company can help you with a transport of your motorcycle to a repair centre.

How the insurance company handle your claim for your motorcycle

The motorcycle insurance company handle your motorcycle claim in three stages. The first step comes when you are making the claim and the insurance company gathered the information. Step two is the claim handling and the third and last step - decision of the claim.

Making the claim and handle the information - step one

When you call the motorcycle insurance company. You can be very sure of that the y record your phone call. The motorcycle insurance company want to gather as much information as possible during your phone call. After a few days you will receive some letters in your mailbox. In the letter, you will find out if your motorcycle claim is making progress or is disqualified. If the motorcycle insurance company accept the claim. Then the next step is to fill in some paper forms and also draw some sketches of what happened during the motorcycle accident. After you are done and have completed the instructions. You should send back the paper forms to the motorcycle insurance company as fast as possible. Remember and this is important. Don't forget to make copies of all the information. You can copy or scan the documents at home or on your local library, if you don't own the equipment.

The claim handling process - step two

During the claim handling process, the handler on the motorcycle insurance company will check if your motorcycle insurance policy is valid and if it is paid in time. When they handling your claim, they will gather information both from the police report but also the other party's insurance company. Then compare it with it with the information you gave them. With other words, the motorcycle insurance company investigate the liability in your claim to determine the conclusion.

The claim decision  - step three

If the motorcycle insurance company accepts liability in your claim and your motorcycle insurance cover is fully comprehensive. After that the insurance company will handle over your claim to the motorcycle engineers. These are the people who make the decision if your motorcycle should be written off or if it should be repaired. An authorized repair centre for motorcycles will be approved and they will undertake the repairs of your motorcycle. It is also very common that the insurance company want a voluntary excess, that need to be paid before you get your motorcycle back.

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