Insuring a motorcycle for work use

Insuring a motorcycle for work use

The motorcycle insurance company need to know exactly how much you use your motorcycle

It is important that you give the motorcycle insurance company the correct information about how much you use your motorcycle and also for what purpose. If you give the insurance company the wrong information you will risk your insurance cover in case of a claim. If the insurance company finds out that the information is incorrect, then they can invalid you insurance cover.

Four different motorcycle insurance levels

Courier and delivery - This insurance level is for people who sells door to door services or delivery goods. If you primary role is to deliver and pick up goods then you will be recommended to choose the courier and delivery insurance level by the motorcycle insurance company.

business use - if you travel with your motorcycle to a work related destination. Then you need a motorcycle insurance cover for business use. The definition is pretty simple. If you travel to more than one place for work related duties then you need business use cover for your motorcycle.

commuting - If you only travel with motorcycle to one regular place of work and besides that only use your motorcycle for pleasure and domestic and social purposes then you only need commuting insurance cover.

Social, pleasure and domestic - If you don't use your motorcycle for any travel to work and only use the motorcycle for private use then you only need social, pleasure and domestic insurance cover.

Give the insurance company the right information even if it increase the insurance premium

If you use your motorcycle for courier jobs and delivery. Then it is extra important that you give the motorcycle insurance company the correct information. If you want the insurance company to cover contents that you are carrying then you also need to inform them that this is the purpose with driving the motorcycle. If you plan to use your motorcycle for business use then you should be prepared of that the motorcycle insurance premium cost will increase. You see the insurance companies many times base their calculations on available statistics from other insurance customers and accidents in the same category.

Carrying passengers on the motorcycle

When you are going to carrying a passenger you need to add this to your motorcycle insurance policy. To add an pillion passenger to your policy will bring you an extra cost. It does not matter if the passenger is a non work passenger or a employ, its the same cost. The passenger should never pay for more than running cost like for example fuel. Don't claim any more otherwise the insurance company can consider that your are offering taxi service.

The security is important for your motorcycle

A motorcycle is always much easier to more than a car. Motorcycles are popular objects for thieves. There are some thing you can do to avoid theft problems. You can for example install an anchor in the ground and look your motorcycle to it. It is of cause always an good idea to find a car park or a garage where your motorcycle can be more secure. You can always install an immobiliser, alarm and a tracker to raise the security level.

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