Imported motorcycle insurance

Imported motorcycle insurance

Tips when you are buying an imported motorcycle

When you are buying an imported motorcycle to your country. There are some things you should pay extra attention to. For example, some motorcycles are designed to function in another climate on different kind of roads and terrain. I was perhaps never designed to be sold in you country.

The warranties for your motorcycle

Many motorcycles got existing warranty periods left. Any dealer should of course always honour the manufactures warranty but you should pay extra attention to that the warranty could be shorter in your country.

Avoid paying for the motorcycle if you haven't seen it

If you haven't seen the motorcycle in real life. Then you should absolutely avoid paying for it until you know that everything is in order. The pictures you have been seeing could be old or retouched. You don't want to receive a motorcycle with bad finish, different condition and also other specifications.

Imported motorcycles could cost a lot

The motorcycle itself is not the only cost when you import a motorcycle. Many times you need to pay vehicle tax from the date the motorcycle is registered in your country. Many times you also need to pay for shipping cost and transport to your home address. Pay attention to that you might need to pay VAT also. Please also remember that the spare parts to an imported motorcycle is almost never cheap and that is something that the motorcycle insurance companies also know.

What is Q-plated imported motorcycles?

An imported motorcycle with an Q-plated means that the motorcycle got a gap in the documentation history. The positive is that the motorcycle met all the safety standards and road standard i Europe. The negative is that the motorcycle insurance companies find it more difficult to classify your motorcycle. This leads to less availability of quotes and unfortunately a higher price.


What is grey import motorcycle insurance?

Grey import motorcycles are motorcycles that need modifications to make them legal in Europe. For example you many times need to change the lens color of the indicator. I almost never got many quotes from the motorcycle insurance companies. A grey import motorcycle is much more expensive than normal parallel import.

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