How your Harley Davidson insurance quotes are calculated

How your Harley Davidson insurance quotes are calculated

Do you want to know how the insurance companies calculate the quotes for your Harley Davidson insurance? Every motorcycle insurance company got different criteria but in this article you will find the main factors defined that they look at.

The address where you Harley Davidson is parked at night

The risk address affects the insurance quote. The risk address is normally where you park you Harley Davidson motorcycle at night. It is important that you give the motorcycle insurance company the right address otherwise you will risk that the insurance company can invalid your insurance in case of a claim. This is extra important to remember if you for example work night and park your Harley Davidson somewhere else than your home address.

Is your Harley Davidson motorcycle modified?

A modified Harley Davidson with for example power increasing adjustment or special paint will affect you motorcycle insurance premium price and drive up the price. The motorcycle insurance companies knows that at modified Harley Davidson motorcycle is more expensive to repair and the Harley is also more attractive to thieves because the motorcycle is more unique.

The age of your Harley Davidson motorcycle and the value

Older Harley Davidson motorcycles can sometimes be a bit cheaper than the new Harley Davidson models. But if the Harley Davidson model is rare and parts are harder to find. Then the insurance premium will of cause increase. The value of you Harley Davidson motorcycle will also determine the price of you motorcycle insurance but most Harley Davidson keep their value much better compared to other motorcycles on the market. The Harley Davidson brand got an exclusive status. Perhaps also one of the reasons why thieves like to steel Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Claims history for you and your Harley Davidson motorcycle

The motorcycle insurance company want details of any claims made the last five years. A recommendation is to tell the truth. In case of a new claim, they will find out anyway and you will only risk to invalidate your insurance. It doesn't matter if it wasn't your fault to the yearlier accident - tell them everything. If you haven't made any claims for over one year you usually will be provided with no claims bonus and this discount can decrease you price of your Harley Davidson motorcycle insurance premium significantly.

The yearly mileage of your Harley Davidson motorcycle

Every insurance company wants to know how many miles you cover per year. The reason is simple. A higher mileage increase the risk of an accident and also a claim to the motorcycle insurance company.

The security level for your Harley Davidson motorcycle

One of the best ways to lower your insurance premium is to get your Harley Davidson motorcycle of the street. Always keep you Harley Davidson motorcycle as secure as possible. If it possible we recommend that you park your Harley Davidson in a locked garage. This solution will help you keep the motorcycle insurance premium down.

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