How to get the best motorcycle insurance quote

How to get the best motorcycle insurance quote

Ask for a new quote from your existing motorcycle insurance company

If you already have an existing motorcycle insurance cover, then we suggest that you begin with asking the existing insurance company for a new quote. There are some good reasons for doing it. First of all, some insurance companies can give you loyalty bonus, especially if they have noticed that you are about to leave them. Some insurance prices are both old and have been calculated with help from computer systems without almost any human involved. The motorcycle insurance prices also fluctuate over time.

Get to know your existing motorcycle insurance cover

You can always find a motorcycle insurance quote that is cheaper than your existing motorcycle insurance but remember that it is easy to exclude both legal protection, payment protection, courtesy car and also breakdown cover. The motorcycle insurance company can also exclude european cover, personal effects cover and accident cover. You should study your existing motorcycle insurance cover in detail because you need to know the details if you want to be able to compare different motorcycle insurance quotes with each other. An important question when you are going to buy a new insurance is to ask the motorcycle insurance company the following: Let's say you were involved in an accident and your motorcycle is written off. Will the motorcycle insurance company provide you with the book value or the market value? You can learn more about the differences between book value and the market value in our other articles.

You need to be well prepared

When you are going to negotiate with the motorcycle insurance companies you should always be well prepared. Have all the relevant documents and the exact details in hand, it makes it easier for the handler on the insurance company, to give you a more exact quote. This will of course save you a lot of hassle in the buying process. A motorcycle insurance quote with a higher price can sometimes be the best choice any way and the reason is that the insurance might offer you valuable benefits that you might actually be needing.

The motorcycle insurance quote is based on one off payment

The motorcycle insurance quote you receive is always for one off payment. Almost every insurance company offer the possibility to make installments over the year. You should then know that the overall amount of money you are paying will be higher than the original quote you received. Some insurance companies charge you with extra additional premium if you would like  to pay your motorcycle insurance with your credit card.

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