How motorcycle insurance quotes are calculated

How motorcycle insurance quotes are calculated

Your risk address

Your risk address is where you spend most of your time and are also many times defined by where you stay at night. So remember if you spend a lot of time at night work or at your university. Don't forget to tell you insurance company. The risk ist otherwise that the can invalid you motorcycle insurance premium later on when you try to make a claim. If there is high levels of traffic and you live in a built up area. Then it will probably increase your insurance premium.

How much do you use your motorcycle?

It's important that you motorcycle insurance company know exactly how much you use your motorcycle. Here are four categories that define how much you use your motorcycle

  • Commercial travelling is for example when you drive from customer to customer and have meetings and sell products for example.
  • Business use is when you use you motorcycle in your job but use it for more that just travel from home and back. In this category you use your motorcycle for driving to more than one place.
  • Commuting means travel from for example your home address to your work. Many times it also includes travelling and parking to the railway station also.
  • Social driving which is the most common driving level. Covers you for driving to your friends and family or for going shopping with other words day to day riding.

So if you use your motorcycle in business then the mileage increases and when this happens the insurance company see it as a higher risk that you will be involved in an motorcycle accident.Your motorcycle insurance premium will increase when you use your motorcycle for work and not only for social driving.

Have you made any modifications on you motorcycle?

The only motorcycle modification that could lower your motorcycle insurance premium are modifications that increase the security level of your motorcycle. Modified motorcycles are many times more valuable and then also more attractive to thieves. The motorcycle insurance company will also reach the conclusion that you motorcycle will be much more expensive to repair in case of an accident. So every modifications you make on your motorcycle, will increase your insurance premium.

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