Helmet and leather cover?

Motorcycle insurance - helmet and leather cover

A good motorcycle insurance should cover your riding gear

Whether your protective riding clothes is leather or not your motorcycle insurance cover should cover your riding gear. Everything from gloves to boots and helmet and the protective clothes.

Damaged and stolen motorcycle apparel

If you make any claims for damage or stolen motorcycle apparel its normally don't affect your no claims bonus on your motorcycle insurance cover. You should remember that the motorcycle insurance companies normally don't pay out if your motorcycle apparel is stolen. The motorcycle insurance companies normally only pay out for damage equipment. So if you are involved in a motorcycle accident. The motorcycle insurance company normally will offer to repair och replace your motorcycle apparel. Most motorcycle insurance policies includes this offer.

Theft of your helmet and motorcycle apparel

If your motorcycle apparel have been stolen and your motorcycle insurance company won't cover you. Then we recommend you to look at the following tips. You see there's a possibility to get your motorcycle apparel covered by your home insurance. Your home insurance most of course have protection for items away from home and also cover for accidental damage. You should only have in mind that it could affect your no claims bonus for your home insurance. So if your motorcycle apparel is inexpensive, then it's better to buy new and pay from your own pocket.

Is leather and helmet cover standard on motorcycle policies?

It is approximately somewhere between 10 - 20% of the motorcycle insurance companies that offers leather and helmet cover as standard in there motorcycle insurance cover. The most common is that the motorcycle insurance company offer helmet and leather cover as optional extra.

Should you have a helmet and leather cover?

The short answer is, if you motorcycle apparel is expensive. The you should look for motorcycle insurance cover that have helmet and motorcycle apparel cover included in the policy. If you already have sign up for you motorcycle insurance cover and its not included. Then contact the insurance company and ask the if you can add the helmet and motorcycle apparel cover as optional extra. So weight up if you are getting your insurance money worth.

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