Harley Davidson motorcycle insurance types

Harley Davidson motorcycle insurance types

Buying a motorcycle insurance for you Harley Davidson is a legal requirement if you are going to the motorcycle in a garage or on the street. Unless you don't have a special permission for off road. In this article we give you details about three types motorcycle insurance cover.

Three different insurance types for your Harley Davidson

You can choose from three different types of covers for you Harley. Third party, third party fire and theft and comprehensive cover. The motorcycle insurance cover you choose will also affect the price of your premium. If you buy a to low level of insurance cover for your Harley Davidson could turn out to be a false economy. At the same time you should choose a motorcycle insurance cover that you can afford.

Harley Davidson - third party only

The most basic motorcycle insurance cover is third party only cover. The insurance cover provides only a minimum of protection and that is for damage that you have caused to property, vehicles and people. The insurance is to protect other road users. The insurance cover will not cover you or your vehicle. Most Harley Davidson owner chose a higher insurance level. Because they want to be able to get the motorcycle repaired or covered in case of an accident or damage. If you any way want to choose a third party only insurance cover for your Harley Davidson. Then we recommend that you make sure that you policy cover the repairing of other vehicles and medical treatment and legal claims against you. If it is not included, check if you can add any extra cover or choose another insurance. Also remember that your own injuries will not be covered.

Harley Davidson - Third party fire and theft

Third party fire and theft got the same cover as third party only. The only differences are that your Harley Davidson motorcycle will be covered if it is stolen or damaged by fire. If you Harley Davidson worth something to you we recommend to have it covered for fire and thefts also.

Harley Davidson comprehensive cover

Comprehensive insurance cover in the highest insurance cover level. It will cover you and your Harley Davidson motorcycle as well as others properties and vehicles and road users. Remember that a comprehensive insurance cover for your Harley Davidson not will cover you against every eventuality. If you for example want a courtesy car if your motorcycle breaks down. Then you in most cases have to pay extra.

Per A Olsson 2015-08-03


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