Harley Davidson motorcycle insurance money saving tips

Harley Davidson motorcycle insurance money saving tips

No matter which motorcycle insurance company you choose for your Harley Davidson. You should know that the insurers calculate the motorcycle insurance premiums based on a numbers of factors everything from Harley Davidson model to your age and risk address, to where you keep your Harley Davidson during the night.

Shop around to get the best Harley Davidson insurance quotes

We suggest that you shop around when you are going to buy your Harley Davidson insurance. If you already have a motorcycle insurance and you are about to renew it. Then you should be aware of that loyalty to your insurance company rarely pays. Ask for quotes from different insurance companies - there is money to save. You can use for example one of the independent motorcycle insurance comparison service online. If you drive a classical Harley Davidson or a modified Harley Davidson we recommend that you contact the insurance companies directly instead.

Change your excess for you Harley Davidson insurance

The excess is the amount of money you have to pay towards any claim. You can change your excess to get a cheaper motorcycle insurance. By increasing the excess you can save some money on your motorcycle insurance. Just do the math first so you don't raise the excess so it will become totally unaffordable. The bottom line is that you can save money by change your excess but the excess is what you need to pay when you are going to make a claim.

Choose the right Harley Davidson without any modifications

We recommend you to keep your modifications on your Harley Davidson motorcycle to a minimum or that you don't buy a modified Harley Davidson motorcycle that is modified if you don't have to. The motorcycle insurance companies knows that you motorcycle will be more attractive to thieves and the motorcycle will many times become much more expensive to repair. Some insurance companies don't even give you any quotes if they find out that you motorcycle is modified. Find the right Harley Davidson motorcycle for you. Motorcycles in lower insurance groups are many times cheaper to insure. A bigger Harley Davidson with a higher performance is more expensive to insure.

Secure your Harley Davidson motorcycle

We recommend you to install a Thatcham approved alarm or an immobiliser to you Harley Davidson motorcycle. The only modification on your motorcycle that can lower your insurance cover. Also try to find a safe place for your motorcycle during the night. We recommend a locked garage with ground anchor and disc lock. You will avoid to get you Harley Davidson motorcycle stolen or vandalized and you can also lower you motorcycle insurance.

Per A Olsson 2015-08-02


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