Five tips for cheap motorcycle insurance

Five tips for cheap motorcycle insurance

In this article you will find five smart and simple tips of how you can reduce your motorcycle insurance premium and save some money.

Check your mileage per year

Check how many miles you motorcycle insurance is covered for. If your annual mileage in the motorcycle insurance is higher than your yearly mileage, then you should contact you insurance company and lower the maximum mileage. Your motorcycle insurance premium will probably become more cheaper. Just one thing - be honest or else you only risk to invalid you insurance premium.

Stay in your country

Make sure that you don't pay any extra for travel world wide if you only drive your motorcycle in your home country. Your motorcycle insurance premium will rise if the insurance broker knows that you are going to leave the country. So travel with out your motorcycle if you don't need or want it specific for your journey.

Secure your motorcycle

Some motorcycle insurance companies can give you discounts if you can proof that you keep your motorcycle into a locked garage with a approved lock. You can always install a Thatcham device on your motorcycle. In many cases it will lower your motorcycle premium.

Avoid modifications on your motorcycle

We suggest that you don't make any modifications to the motorcycle. Almost every modification increases the motorcycle insurance premium. The only modifications that can lower you premium is the security related installations, like for example alarm and Thatcham devices. The insurance company always sees the modifications as a increase of the value and if it related to the engine, then the new effect can bring up your insurance premium pretty much.

Further training with your motorcycle

If you take a training course and passing the test. Then the insurance company will consider you as a safer driver. First of all you will feel and become a more safety driver but it will many times lower your motorcycle insurance premium to. Check in the service directory for approved motorcycle training providers.

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