Classic motorcycle insurance

Classic motorcycle insurance

Classic motorcycle insurance

Many motorcycle insurance companies can give you a cheaper motorcycle insurance policy. The reasons are that the insurance company expect that you are more careful with an older classic motorcycle and also that the annual mileage is pretty low. The know that the owner of a classical motorcycle often is an enthusiast and that the owner many times have put a lot of work into maintenance and restoration of the motorcycle.

Right information and the right questions

It is important that you get the right insurance cover for your motorcycle. So it's important that you inform the motorcycle insurance company exactly how you planning to use your motorcycle and also that you ask them the right questions so you don't miss anything that could cause you problems in the future if you would like to make a claim.

A classic motorcycle

A common question is how old is a classic motorcycle? There is no simple answer to the question because every motorcycle insurance company has its own definitions. Some insurance companies define a classic motorcycle as 25 years old others might consider only 15 years. Almost every motorcycle insurance company can offer a competitive insurance policy. If your motorcycle is so old that it can't be found in the database. Then it can be more difficult to find the right insurance policy. Then you probably need to find a insurance company that is specialist in very old and unique classical motorcycles.

Difference between standard motorcycle insurance and classic motorcycle insurance

It is pretty common to insure the classic motorcycle for an agreed value instead of the market value. Classic motorcycles that is well maintained can hold their value and even sometimes increase in value over time. So a old classic motorcycle can be worth a lot more than other motorcycles of the same age.

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