5 tips before you buy a motorcycle insurance

5 tips before you buy a motorcycle insurance

The risk address of your motorbike

Your risk address is where you park your motorcycle during the night, majority of the year. Remember that the risk address not always is the same as your home address. If you for example are working night at an industry or a hospital and you have your motorcycle parked outside. This is then your actual risk address. You need to provide your motorcycle insurance company with this information. In case of an incident, you will otherwise risk that the insurance company invalidate your motorcycle insurance cover.

Don't risk a high compulsory excess

When you are going to buy a motorcycle insurance, give the buying process time and shop around. Many insurance companies don't discuss the compulsory excess during the phone call. Read all the insurance policy documents very carefully before you sign them. In the end, the risk is otherwise that you have to pay a very high compulsory excess in case of a motorcycle accident.

Give the insurance company the correct information

You should always give your motorcycle insurance company the right information about both you and your motorcycle. If you in the future would like to make a claim, you can risk to pay everything from your own pocket if the insurance company have invalidated your motorcycle insurance . They will invalidate your insurance cover if they find out that you have misled them or given them incorrect information. They will find out sooner or later. You see, they begin to investigate you when you make your claim. The bottom line is, the motorcycle insurance company will not recover you loses and you will have to pay for everything by yourself.

Not covered for driving other peoples motorcycles

Some motorcycle insurance companies will not cover you if you drive other peoples motorcycles. You can risk to don't even have a third party protection. Some insurance companies don't allow for example students to drive other people vehicles. The insurance company sometimes base the motorcycle insurance policy on your profession.

Don't leave the motorcycle insurance management until the last moment

You don't want or need any bad news from your motorcycle insurance company after for example an accident. To avoid any surprises you should always give the buying process enough time. Begin to write down all your questions that you need to be answered. Always call the insurance handler and ask for the last price. Use another motorcycle insurance company's price as an argument in the negotiation with the insurance company you would like to sign up for.

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