10 questions people ask before they buy a motorcycle insurance

10 questions people ask before  they buy a motorcycle insurance

1. Question: What different kind of protection can I get from a motorcycle insurance company?

Answer: You can get comprehensive insurance cover, third party fire and theft insurance cover and third party only insurance cover.

2. Question: When I buy my motorcycle insurance cover. Do I have to pay any extra for additional extra benefits or is it included in for example the motorcycle comprehensive cover?

Answer: Comprehensive motorcycle insurance cover almost everything but if you seek for breakdown cover, payment protection or legal protection, then you probably have to pay additional extra because the insurance company classifies it as extra benefits.

3. Question: My motorcycle insurance company talks about the market value and the book value. What is the difference?

Answer: The book value is the list price your motorcycle insurance company offer you for your motorcycle. You should chase the offer of the market value because you will get a similar motorcycle from the market. You get best paid with book value with other words.

4. Question: The handler on the motorcycle insurance company talks about policy exclusions. What do the insurance company mean with policy exclusions?

Answer: Policy exclusions is a list of circumstances that the motorcycle insurance company  not will cover you for.

5. Question: In my motorcycle insurance policy it says that the excess need to be paid. What is excess?

Answer: When you make a claim for your motorcycle you have to pay excess and it is a kind of contribution. If it turns out that it is a non fault claim - it will be reinstated.

6. Question: The motorcycle insurance company says I am  very young. Where do the insurance companies draw the line for young or mature bikers?

Answer: The motorcycle insurance companies consider every people as young bikers if they are under the age of 25.

7. Question: What does it mean by NCD protection on my motorcycle insurance?

Answer: If you have NCD protection on your motorcycle insurance. You can make two fault claims within three years time and it will not affect your NCD.

8. Question: I'm disabled and also got medical problems, can I still be insured?

Answer: You need to inform DVLA if you got any problems that effects your ability to drive your motorcycle. After DVLA is informed, than the motorcycle insurance companies can insure your motorcycle and you as a driver.

9. Question: I have a modified motorcycle. Do the insurance companies accept modified motorcycles?

Answer: Many motorcycle insurance companies will accept modified  motorcycles but remember it will affect your motorcycle insurance premium. You also need supply the insurance companies with proof from the garage and many times also pictures.

10. Question: I'm a young motorcycle driver and wonder if it will lower the price of my motorcycle insurance premium if I include one of my parents to the insurance?

Answer: If your parent have a clean driving history it will in most cases lower the price of the motorcycle insurance premium.

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