Coolest coffee mugs - top 7

Here is our list of the coolest coffee mugs available right now. Because if you like coffee, why not spice up our daily routine by giving the black gold some love in by wrapping it in a really cool mug?

  1. Brass knuckle coffee mug

    Make sure your morning coffee packs a punch with thease nifty brass knuckle handles. Two variations are available, black with silver knuckles or white with golden knuckles. Unfortunately you can't microwave them, but the target audiance is proably such badasses anyways that they inhale their coffee in one big sip and have no need to reheat it.

    Cool brass knuckle coffee mugs
    • Looks really cool?
    • Might scare off people trying to interfere with your coffee break
    • Not microwave heatable
    • There's a coffee cup stuck on your brass knuckle!!!
  2. The changing face mug

    Check out this sympathic beverage container that tries to mimic your mood with weary, tired looking eyes that change to alert, wide awake when pouring hot coffee (or any hot beverage for that matter) into it. Neat!

    Cool changing face coffee mugs
    • The cup changes print when heated up
    • The cup's cartoon eyes gets affected by coffeine before you do, not fair!
  3. The ninja coffee mug

    Do ninjas drink coffee? It doesn't matter, you do and this silent assassin mug will protect it for you.

    Cool ninja Cofee mug
    • Removable mug wrap (zarf aka ninja mask) protects your hands from the (possibly/hopefully) hot coffee mug and keeps the mugs identity a mystery.
    • Samurai sword stirrer
    • Shuriken mug coaster
    • Go ninja, go ninja, go! 
    • Might possibly spawn a new wave of sweaty, nervous, coffeine addicted ninjas.
    • The shuriken coaster isn't sharp enough that you can prick yourself on it, "but can't I just sharpen it" - (shure-yi-can).
  4. Spiky coffee mug

    Finally! a spike mat for your hands! Yes, there are a bunch of different ones here, I just couldn't decide on a favourite. Thease mugs also work as a great aid in cutting down on your coffeee consumption if you got sensitive knuckles - which you will bump into the spiky cups nomatter how much you try not to.

    Spiky coffee mug
    • Spikes will protect your coffee from thieves.
    • Punky-cool-look
    • The spikes might also protect your coffee from yourself.
  5. Ransom note mug

    Write your own messages on your coffee mug using repositionable letters that look like they are cut out from magazines and newspapers. Nobody will be able to trace the message back to you. Just a heads up: make sure you haven't been drinking from it and left DNA and finger prints all over the thing, I found that out the hard way.

    Cool ransom note mug
    • Letter supposedly stay put when the mug is washed
    • You can change the message on the mug
    • Something to play with while enjoying your coffee
    • You can make your own unique coffee mug
    • Should you take a recklessly wild sip during a momentary lapse of judgement - you might choke on your own words, literally
    • Where do we store the letters that we don't use? maby they can stick to the fridge?
  6. Cool melting coffee mug

    A coffee mug designed to look like it is sinking into the table, cool, right? It would have been even cooler if they actually did and coffee spilled all over the table if you didn't drink it fast enough, but oh well, you can't have everything I guess... or can you?...

    Cool melting coffee mug
    • A uniquely designed coffee mug that seems to be sinking into the surface below
    • Will probably raise a few of your coffee guests eyebrows
    • Doesn't hold as much liquid as an ordinary cup since the bottom is cut off
  7. A coffee cup with a temperature display

    Need your coffee to be at the exact right temperature to hit the spot? No? Me neither... but for those with a more developed sense of taste temperature out there, this little cup might come in handy. It's got a LED display showing the temperature of your coffee. Flunked math so bad numbers are a mystery to you? No problem! This cup doesn't discriminate, just touch it and a little light comes on indicating if your beverage is too hot (red), ok to drink (yellow) or way too cold (blue).

    Cool mug with temperature display
    • Built in thermometer displaying your coffee's temperature
    • Sure way to Impress your friends (or mom)
    • Do we really wanna drink our coffee in this plastic thing?
    • Wait! I gotta change my coffee cup's batteries.

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