Sleep disorders & problems

Sleeping problems could damage your brain

If you have a career to take care of in combination with an active life on top of it. Then you probably not always have time for a full night´s rest. So how should you do to avoid pushing yourself through a day or a week on insufficient sleep?


  • we all know that sleeping to little is really bad for your health. Even if you think you can catch up later with your sleep. You should know that the price could be high. Scientists have known for long that to little sleep is linked to obesity and diabetes, also high blood preasure or worse - early mortality.
the brain damages could possibly be permanently

Science have now discovered that too little sleep could cause damage on your brain and the brain damages could possibly be permanently. It also increases the risk for both memory problems and Alzheimer's disease.

  • Many people presumed that they can use the weekend or holiday to cath up with the sleep. New studies have shown that this is not the truth. We all know that the brain diminish when we get older but by sleeping problems hasten the process. Scientists drew the line at less then 7 hours. In the long term it will increase the risk for both memory problems and problem solving.
scientists have created a new theory what happens when we sleep

Sleeping problems - could cause cognitive problems

  • We don't know for sure what sleep accomplishes and what processes are taking place under the rest. Until now when some scientists have created a new theory. By study the brains of sleeping mice, the scientists discovered a kind of system that takes care of waste like some sort of plumbing system. For example celluar trash like beta-amyloids that could cause cognitive problems and increase the risk for developing Alzheimers disease

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