Doom sculpture

Jason Hite has created an amazing sculpture of the final boss of Doom 2 - The Icon of Sin. The sculpture depicts the goat-like head's biomechanical merger with the wall with impressive detail. Down to the tubes of blood and wires connect the head and the exposed brain, this is an impressive work of art, true to the origional. Two cacodemons are floating about and one is dead and "melted" in classic Doom fashion, the detail is amazing here too, its precise to the eyeball popping out. To the right of the head our favourite anonymous hero, doomguy is fighting a Cyberdemon.


The Icon of Sin

The sculpture depicts the final boss of Doom 2, often referred to as the "Icon of Sin" -  a massive goat-like biomechanical head merged into a wall, spawning endless waves of demons from hell. In the game, all you see is the head, but after beating the boss, the endgame text reveals that it has a body as well.

The boss has no name in Doom 2 although in the Final Doom manual it is referred to as Baphomet while TNT: Evilution calls it "Demon spitter" and The Plutonia Experiment calls it "Gatekeeper".

Video of the Icon of DOOM assemblage sculpture

Complete with the origional Doom sound effects.

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