Doom 4 leaked screenshots

A batch of leaked screenshots from an early version of Doom 4 was released by a former employee at Id Software accompanied by rumors of a cancellation. Bethesda quickly denied that the game had been cancelled and that the project is on track, getting more people on board the project now that Rage is shipped.

A word on the authenticy of the leaked Doom 4 screenshots

Id Softwares design director Matthew Hooper twittered about the leak, seemingly to assure fans that the leaked screenshots doesn't represent the Doom 4 they want to show to deliver, while hinting that the screenshots are actually from the game at some point.

Those images have nothing to do with what you’re gonna see in Doom 4. When we officially show things, you’ll see awesome.

"When we officially show things, fans will be happy" he added.

Id Software design director Matthew Hooper

Doom 4: Hell on earth?

The leaked screenshots are from an urban setting like the one we saw in "Doom 2: Hell on earth". Majestic, torn apart buildings, libraries on fire, hellspawn swarming the city skies and even a pillar or two of fire gives us the impression that this might be an opening sequence telling the story of what transpired on earth as hell broke loose.

Does Doom 4 take place in New York City?

The letters NY can be found in the origional filenames from the leak and one image even has the name "New York City" in it. So it is safe to assume that, in this early build of Doom 4, parts of the game takes place in New York City.

Is the leak really from an early Doom 4

Some speculations have been going on that the leaked screenshots might be from a Rage expansion pack. While not impossible, not probable either. Here are a few things hinting that the screenshots are in fact from Doom 4:

  • Classic Doom 2 themes like libraries, majestic archways and gloomy city scapes
  • A pillar of fire from the sky is tearing the city apart
  • The gory scenes with blood splattered on the walls
  • Id Software suggested the next Doom game would take place on earth *1
Doom 4, like Doom II: Hell on Earth, it will take place on Earth Id Software's CEO Todd Hollenshead, 2007

So while waiting for more information or any official screenshots from Doom 4, which ambigiously will be renamed just "Doom", thease screenshots are atleast a glimpse of an early stage of the production of the game. Similarities to Rage can be spotted, likely due to the fact that Id Tech 6 used in Doom 4 is a modified version of the Id tech 5 engine used in Rage.

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