How to dress like a man - Seven tips

If you don't have a clue how to dress properly and need help, you should know that the right kind of clothing can give you precious time to be able to make an influence on others. Wherever you are in the world you should know that well-fitted clothing increases the possibility that people take you more seriously.

Dress like a man - Drinking coffee
Wearing proper clothing is vital if you want to make a good impression on people

Wear the right kind of shoes

Put your running shoes to the side and pick out some good looking casual leather shoes that matches with a pair of jeans. You are going to see that it is immediately noticed. So some premier advice to you - upgrade your footwear.

Leather shoes improves people's perception of you
Footwear is easily noticed so make sure you have a good-looking pair of casual leather shoes

Dress like a man

You need to present yourself professionally. A man should dress like a man and not a boy. So pay attention to the details from top to toe. If you have no own ideas, think of how you would like to be noticed. Pick out pictures in fashion articles and try to copy the style in the beginning before you have more knowledge and have found your own style.

Have style and take care of your clothing

All clothes are made of different kinds of fiber types and therefore you have to care for and treat them in different ways. For example, fiber types like the ones in a suit are in no circumstances suitable for being washed in a washer. Always read and pay attention to the instructions of the tag.

To dress like a man you need to take proper care of your clothing
Treat your clothes, and especially your suits, with care and follow the instructions on the tag

Don't hesitate to get the aid of a tailor

Remember to use hangers for your suits. We also recommend you to use shoe trees to your expensive shoes. You can buy a standard suit and leave it to your local tailor and let them do some good adjustments so it fits your body more properly.

Dressing like a man often means wearing a suit
If you truly want to be taken seriously, a well-fitting suit is almost always the way to go

Don't wear a t-shirt - dress like a man

Never wear t-shirts to social events or to work. Also avoid wearing t-shirts of the wrong size. Instead replace the t-shirt with a polo in a dark color. It is of course okay to use a t-shirt when you're at the gym or when you perform chores in your home.

You should own a pair of fitted jeans

Jeans gives you a more casual look, especially when you combine them with a dark polo or a buttoned shirt. The jeans should be dark and fitted to you. Don´t make the mistake of buying the wrong size that don't fit your body.

The casual jeans look can also be dressing like a man
Jeans that fit your body are perfect for more casual situations where a suit might look out of place

Always have a sharp wardrobe with a good amount of shirts

Remember to have white and light blue shirts ready for your next meeting or social event. The colors are timeless classics and the colors look good with almost any combination of fitted jeans or suit. Try to buy your shirts during sales or when there is a discount. If you not are overweight, we recommend you to try a slim fit model. Also remember not to buy a shirt that is too large; a shirt is not a tent after all.

Good looking shirts in the colors white and light blue almost always matches the rest of your attire

If you make sure to follow the tips above you've already taken your first steps toward dressing like a man and getting the respect and treatment most of us desire. The only thing stopping you is the lack of motivation to keep trying.

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