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Some of the benefits with the Switchback motorcycle from Harley Davidson are the detachable saddlebags and the detachable windshield. Thanks to easy switching in just seconds you can turn your Harley Davidson from touring to cruising style. The Switchback is perfect if you both want to have a touring bike but also a street cruiser.

  By Per A Olsson
 on maj 15, 2015

Driving Harley Davidson Switchback is like having two bikes in one. You can make the switch from touring to cruising or back in a matter of seconds. The riding moods change, sometimes you like the windshield and the saddlebags and sometimes you just need a cruiser. The bike is a classical Harley Davidson with clean styling lines. Switchback is a tourer that goes the distance.

  By Per A Olsson
 on mar 2, 2015