Softail deluxe

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Some of the things that gives the Softail Deluxe 2014 its distinctive softails lines are the tires and the fenders but also the hardtail look even if it is a softail motorcycle. The whitewall tires gives the motorcycle that 1950's boulevard look.

  By Per A Olsson
 on maj 22, 2015

Harley Davidson softail deluxe is the right bike if you need a comfortable custom bike. On the outside it still looks like a rigid hardtail Harley. The horizontal rear shocks is hidden. So with other words, you get the classic lines like a hardtail old-school bike.

  By Per A Olsson
 on feb 28, 2015

When looking at the 2015 CVO Softail Deluxe, the impression you're likely to get is that of a rigid-suspension look of the Softail series combined with various adaptions to make it suitable for touring.

  By Marcus Svensson
 on feb 27, 2015