Risk address

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You maybe wonder why the motorcycle insurance companies ask you so many questions when you going the buy a motorcycle insurance? The simple answer is that the motorcycle insurance companies always calculate the risk of having you as a customer.
  By Per A Olsson
 on jul 9, 2015

It this article we give you five important tips before you buy your new car insurance policy. You find information about risk address, excess, and what happens if you not are careful when you buy your insurance and what horrible surprises it will bring.

  By Per A Olsson
 on maj 15, 2015

Where you park your car and where you live make a lot of difference and affects the premium of your car insurance. The cost of the insurance will be higher when the area you live in is rougher. The insurance companies call the place you park your car most of the times in a year as the risk address.

  By Per A Olsson
 on mar 22, 2015