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In this article you will find more information about making a claim for your motorcycle. The motorcycle insurance company handle your claim in three common steps. Find out more about how they handle you and your claim.
  By Per A Olsson
 on jun 27, 2015

It this article we give you five important tips before you buy your new car insurance policy. You find information about risk address, excess, and what happens if you not are careful when you buy your insurance and what horrible surprises it will bring.

  By Per A Olsson
 on maj 15, 2015

Depending on your car insurance company's policy, the company will pay you the value of the car if the car is irreparable and written off. The car insurance company either pay the market value or the book value.

  By Per A Olsson
 on apr 17, 2015

After a car accident you should always inform your car insurance company  as soon as possible. Some car insurance companies would like to gather as much information as they can over the phone. It's very common that the insurance company  records your phone call when you give them the information about the accident.

  By Per A Olsson
 on apr 16, 2015