Your gender affects the car insurance premium

Your gender affects the car insurance premium

Marital status - are you married?

If you are married you will in most cases have a lower car insurance premium. The reason is because the insurance companies considered married people to be more responsible, But you don't get any discount if you only are living with a partner and are not legally married. So cohabiting or a single don't give you any discount. You will get the same premium.

Gender - are you a male or a female?

The car insurance companies have made analysis and found out that male drivers are a higher risk on the road than female drivers. They have also carried out that car accidents that male drivers are involved in are more serious than those of female drivers. So that's why gender has to do with car insurances.

Price difference between female drivers and male drivers

With other words a female driver will get a better car insurance premium price that the male driver at the same age. However, as a male driver you can of course always consider adding an extra driver on the insurance policy och change your marital status and lower the premium. Some insurance companies also got some other benefits for married people, like injury cover, death cover, and the possibility to transfer the NCD (No claims Discount).


- Married people are considered to be more responsible.

- it's cheaper to insure a female driver than a male driver.

- Cohabiting don't give you any discounts.

- If you want to lower the car insurance - add an extra driver to the insurance policy.

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