What to do before a car accident?

car insurance - what to do before an car accident?

First aid kit

You should always carrying with you a first aid kit. In case of someone or yourself get injured.

Warning triangle board

You should have a warning triangle board so you don't make the car accident worse. The accident warning triangle board can warn the traffic and make them aware of the accident. Perhaps someone else can give you assistance.

List of important numbers

You should have a prepared list of important numbers. For example the contact numbers to recovery service, courtesy car, repair people. Actually all numbers you need to all benefits providers. Including your car insurance company number.

Bring a camera

Bring some sort of camera with you. If you can't use your mobile phone camera, bring a disposable camera with you. It will help you capture all information you need regarding the accident.

Pencil and whitepaper

Bring a pencil and white paper to make it easy to write down address and names of other involved people. It could be everything from the other party's insurance company to witness statements.

Time indicator and measuring tape

Time indicator and measuring tape could be helpful. Use the time indicator included in the pictures. The measure tape should be used to measure the distance between objects involved in the car accident.

Only drive legal

Remember always drive a legal car and make sure you got a valid car insurance policy and a valid driving license and also in some countries, a valid car tax disc.

A road map och highway code

A road map or highway code can help you refresh your mind regarding information about the circumstances around the car accident. The highway code also got the important  stopping distances and road signs and often other important information.

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