six tips to lower your car insurance costs

six tips to lower your car insurance costs

Adding one of your parents

If one of your parents don't have driving convictions and a valid driving license. You should consider adding one of your parents to your car insurance policy. The parent don't have to live at the same address as you do. The parent doesn't need to drive the car either. But remember it will help you reduce the cost of your car insurance premium.

Try to find a garage to park your car

If you don't have a garage you should consider investing in one. The point is that it would lower your cost of your car insurance premium significant, especially if you live in a bad neighborhood.

Avoid enhancing the performance

Avoid enhancing the performance of your car. The lower the size of the car engine the lower cost of car insurance. Instead you should invest in an immobiliser - thatcham approved. The car insurance company will lower your insurance cost if you got these kinds of security equipment installed.

Don't buy the first car you find

Don't buy the first car you find if you don't have a maximum NCD and you also are under 25 years old. Instead do the following. Look around for some quotations from different car insurance companies, on different cars that you consider. Then make a decision on a car . Otherwise - worse case is that you buy a car that falls into a higher car insurance category. Include the cost to the total cost of the ownership of the car.

Estimate your yearly mileage

Don't give the car insurance company to low yearly mileage. It could result that the car insurance company will try to invalidate your insurance policy. Don't give the insurance company a too high yearly mileage. Try to calculate your actual mileage otherwise you have to pay a too high car insurance premium.

Female drivers are considered to be lower risk

Male drivers should put the car insurance policy in the wife's name and add themselves as an additional driver. The reason is because car insurance companies consider female drivers to be a lower risk. So this action ca lower you car insurance premium.

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