Involved in a car accident

Involved in a car accident

When should you call the police?

Call the emergency services by dialing 999 or 911 for example. Then ask for the police when for example property is damaged or the road is damaged but also if there is emergency danger to other  people or the traffic. You should always call the police if a driver drives off without exchanging car and insurance details.

If someone drives off from the car accident

If a person was involved in the car accident and drives off without talk to you. Then you should call the police immediately. But first of all try  to capture the number plate on the car and also other important details like, what sort of car it was, what color, how many people in the car. All the information will help the car insurance company or the police to find them later. Also remember it is a crime to leave a car accident that you have been involved in. You must stop by law after an car accident and you also have to report the car accident within four hours.

Never retaliate verbally or physically

Talk to the other driver and exchange car insurance details and contact information, but never get into arguments any harsch words can be used against you later for example  in court. Remember also to never admit  liability. The other driver can behaving  threcternigly and also irrationally, but you should never lose you temper and never retaliate verbally or physically, your time will come.

Remember to stop after an car accident

If you have been involved in a car accident you must stop by law and you also have report the car accident to the police within four hours when there gas been an injury. The best advice is to always report the car accident to the police. It can be useful to have a incident number later when you have a claim. By staying calm and focused it is easier to make the right decisions. Also remember don´t move your car or drive away in panic ever if it is common.

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