If your car is written of or being repaired

If your car is written of or being repaired

Written off

Be impatient, ask your car insurance company for advice. Call them, send emails. Collaborate just to take the insurance process forward as fast as possible. If your car is written off by your car insurance company. Then you need to take it to the scrap yard. Here is a tip. Call the service providers, who picked up your broken car and ask them if they can take it to the scrap yard. As payment you offer them to take the spare parts from your car, for free. Very often this kinds of of business agreements turn out to be very successful.

Is your car going to be repaired?

If your car insurance company have decided to repair your car. Then the insurance company will recommend a particular repair center. We recommend that you pick the garage they offer you because it will normally speeding up the repairs. Which means you get your car back faster. You also avoid estimate time to find a repair center that your car insurance company approved. It is off course some benefits for the insurance company too. For example, many car insurance companies got secured discounts with some garages.

If you still want to use another repairer, than the insurance company recommend. Then you have to send in some information about the garage, to the insurer. If they agree to your suggestion, they will authorise the repairs on your car.

Need to pay when you collect your car

Even if you were not to blame for the car accident, you need to pay a part of your claim. This will happen if you have excess in your car insurance policy. The standard procedure is that you pay directly to the repair center. Sometimes you also have to pay a part of the repair costs on your car if it turns out to be in better shape than before the car accident. Always make sure that your car insurance company will pay for the repairs on your car. Otherwise the payment is your responsibility.

Third party or third party fire and theft

Your car insurance company will not pay for any accidental damage if you only got third party or third part fire and theft car insurance. You got two choices. You can always pay the repair bill on you car by yourself or if the other driver was liable for the damage you can claim the payments from the other drivers car insurance company.

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