Getting a car insurance quote

Getting a car insurance quote

In this article you will find some tips on the car insurance quote gathering process. The tips will help you obtain quotes from different car insurance companies.

Getting car insurance quotes

To obtain the exact and competitive price on your car insurance  quotes. Make sure you have prepared to give  exact details and have all relevant documents to hand. It will also save you a lot of hassle.

Study your existing car insurance premium

To make it possible to compare other car insurance policies with your existing policy, you should study it carefully otherwise you will not be able to compare with other car insurance policies and their covers and benefits, that they offer. You can always find a quote with a cheaper price but they could have excluded for example courtesy car, break down cover, legal protection and payment protection plan. Also it is pretty common to exclude accident cover, personal effects cover, european cover. Never forget to ask the car insurance company regarding the claim process if you car is written off. Will they provide you with the market value or the book value? All this counts once you are involved in an car accident. Sometimes a car insurance companies quote which is higher still could be the best choice for you. You may go for it as it could be providing you with valuable benefits that you might be needing.

Ask for the latest quote from your existing  car insurance company

Some car insurance companies can give you loyalty bonus to your car insurance premium. First of all, the prices on insurances do tend fluctuate. Some prices have been calculated by a computer system online. So before you shop around and change car insurance company. Our advice is to obtain the latest quote from your existing car insurance company.

The quote is always for one off payment

When you wish to pay instalments over the year the overall amount of money you are paying will of course be higher than the original quote. The quote you get is always for one off payment. Some car insurance companies will add an additional premium for handling your credit card transaction. So you can always ask the insurance company if they accept  payment by credit cards.

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