General car insurance disqualifications

General car insurance disqualifications


  • Remember to inform the insurance company about any changes to the risk address.
  • Always inform the car insurance company about accurate information about you as a driver and also about the car.
  • Any attempted theft or theft should be reported to the police within 48 hours or else they will invalidate your insurance policy.
  • All security procedures should be taken to protect the car from thefts for example. With other words - all security devices should be activated.
  • You should always do your best to protect your car from damage and loss. So park your car in a garage or in the right neighborhood for of street parking.
  • Notify the car insurance company of any losses or accidents no matter it is non-fault or fault.
  • The car most always be in a good condition, with other words in roadworthy condition. The condition is often defined in detail in the car policy.

They can declare your car insurance policy invalid

Let's say for example that you tell your car insurance company that you have an immobiliser installed in your car. Then let's say you were involved in a car accident and the insurance company then find out that your immobiliser not was on the certified list. The car insurance company can then invalid your insurance policy even if the car accident got nothing to do with the immobiliser.

Conclusion - before you buy a car insurance premium

Never buy a car insurance premium in a hurry. Give it enough time and analyze and shop around and also remember tom compare the insurance premiums. Ask all the questions you need the answers to. Otherwise your car insurance policy can be an ugly surprise an experience the hard way.

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