Do car insurance companies check driving history?

Do car insurance companies check driving history?


You should always be very careful when you are driving your car. You are considered less of a risk to the car insurance company if you have a clean driver license. If you got driving convictions during the last five years, it will increase your car insurance premium so your driving history is always important. The insurance company rely on in assessing the risk and will calculate the premiums after this.

Speed and drinking problems

If you got any drinking or speed convictions during the last years. Then it will bump up the cost of your car insurance. Sometimes the government gives you the opportunity of attending  a rehabilitation  course for your drinking problems or a speed driving workshop to enlighten you of the consequences of your speed driving.

Don't hold back information to the insurance company

Your current insurance company can contact your previous car insurance company. If they find out that you not have giving them the driving history. Then they can invalidate your car insurance premium. Let say you had an accident and want to claim for your car damages, then the car insurance company will not recover your damages. As a result you have to pay all the damages and losses from your own money.

Disqualified from driving affect your car insurance premium

Don't collect too many convictions and avoid all you can to be involved in serious ones. You can be disqualified from driving when you practice dangerous driving, acting careless or driving uninsured and of course drink driving. As a result the insurance companies  will increase the cost of your car insurance premium and you also risk that some insurance companies not even want to insure you because of your behavior.

Avoid your insurance premium to be invalidated

Remember to always inform the car insurance company with the correct information and also to inform the company of any changes, everything from car and engine changes to occupation, convictions and address changes. Otherwise you will risk that the insurance company will not recover you losses.

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