Comprehensive cover

Comprehensive car insurance cover for you and you car

A comprehensive cover is the highest level of car insurance cover. The comprehensive insurance covers you for own as well as the third party. The comprehensive also covers medical cover, malicious damage, personal effects and vandalism. It also covers damages caused due to flood and storm.

Comprehensive cover - expensive but popular

The comprehensive cover is often expensive but the insurance cover costs extra because the insurance covers many times almost everything, both you and your car and the third party. That's probably also the reason wy this level of car insurance cover is so popular.

Do you need a comprehensive insurance cover?

You should always calculate if a comprehensive cover is necessary? Lets say you only are going to do some miles a year. A low travelling would of caused reduce the probability of exposure to car accidents. If your car is not worth that much then you can always scrap the car and it could be cheaper in the long term instead of paying a comprehensive car insurance cover. Especially if you are not entitled to any NCD, the bad parts are of cause that you won't be covered in the event of a car accident. So if you find out that comprehensive cover is to expensive, try a different insurance cover- for example third party fire and theft. You could mange to come up cheap with the possibility of making a saving.

Comprehensive covers following:

All comprehensive covers got there differences. Every car insurance company got there own policy. The most common is that comprehensive covers personal effects, accidental damage, vandalism, malicious damage plus flood and storm. Comprehensive cover also got variable excess and compulsory  excess, and medical expenses cover up tp a specific sum of money.

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