claims procedure

claims procedure for your car insurance

Making the claim

Almost every car insurance company handle your claims in three steps. Step one is the claim making and step two will be the claim handling and at last the decision of the claim. Some car insurance companies will provide you with a courtesy car during the process. But sometimes the courtesy car is dependent of the availability. It is pretty common to be provided  with a hire car but this hire car is usually only valid for 24 - 48 hours.

Contact your car insurance company as soon as possible

Almost every car insurance company is always open so you can report your claim. The car insurance company can also provide you help with immediate removal of the broken car or damage car. Then transport it to a car repair center. This is one of the reasons to wy you should contact  your car insurance company as soon as possible.

Handling the claim

During the handling of the claim, the car insurance company will initiate the process of determining the liability of the claim. The handler on the car insurance company will also inform you if the car insurance premium have been paid and also if the policy is valid. During the process, the insurance company will gather information they get from the other party's car insurance company, but also information from the police report and of course from the information you have provided.

If your car should be repaired or being  written off

If the car insurance company find out that your insurance policy is fully comprehensive and the company accepts liability, then the case will be sent to the next department - the motor engineers. They will make the decision if your car should be repaired or being  written off. They will always determine the best economic way for the car insurance company. If the insurance company decides that your car should be repaired, the company will authorise an approved  car repair center, to undertake the repairs. The car insurance company always want the voluntary excess to be paid before you get your car back.

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