10 questions before you buy a car insurance premium

10 questions before you buy a car insurance premium

2. Question: What is excess exactly?

Answer: Excess is a kind of contribution that you pay when you make your claim. Is it a non fault claim - it will be reinstated to you.

3. Question: What does it mean by NCD protection?

Answer:  NCD protection means that you can make for example two fault claims in three years and your NCD will still not be affected.

4. Question: I have a modified car. Do the car insurance companies accept modified cars?

Answer: Yes, most car insurance companies accept modified cars. But you have to supply proof from the garage. Remember it will also affect your insurance premium.

5. Question: Will the price go down on my insurance premium if I add one of my parents?

Answer: Yes, if you add one of your parents it will in most cases lower your car insurance premium. Remember that your parent must have a clean driving history.

6. Question: Can people with medical problems or people who is disabled be insured?

Answer: If you are disabled or have a medical condition that affects your ability to drive. Then you have to inform DVLA. Only then will the car insurance companies insure you and your car.

7. Question: Do I have to pay for additional extra benefits on my car insurance premium?

Answer: If you want to add for example payment protection, legal protection or breakdown cover. Then that is classified as extra benefits and you also have to pay additional extra.

8. Question: What do the car insurance company mean by policy exclusions?

Answer: Policy exclusions means everything that the car insurance company not will cover you for.

9. Question: Who do the car insurance company consider as a young driver?

Answer: The car insurance companies consider every people under 25 as young drivers.

10. Question: What levels of cover can I get from the car insurance company?

Answer: The are three levels: Third party only, third party fire and theft or the best one - comprehensive cover.

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